Blind Barber 30 Proof Styling Cream


  • Water-based solution, making it easy to apply and to rinse out
  • Provides you with a light, flexible hold and also doubles as a pre-styling product
  • Gives hair a natural sheen for a polished finish
  • Infused with hops for volume and dandruff defense
  • Light Tonka Bean scent

While there is nothing wrong with using this 30 Proof Cream as your go-to styling product, remember, it can be a great pre-style product as well. While the hair is about 80% towel dry, apply a thin layer of the styling cream throughout the hair, taming the frizz and getting the hair into the desired style.  Once it sets, add in your favorite style product to hold it in place while allowing the 30 Proof Styling Cream to set the stage and keep those stray hairs in line.