Personal Shopping Services Available - Jackson & James
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One of the best things about owning a boutique is the ability to get to know our customers and provide a level of service you wouldn’t find at a larger store.  Personal shopping is a service we are excited to offer to our Richmond customers and we’d like to take a second to highlight what that entails. Maybe you’re pressed for time, making a transition to business casual at the office and looking for some help, or just can’t make our normal hours of operation–personal shopping at Jackson & James is an effortless way to look your best.


With one meeting, we can capture all of your pertinent information (sizes, style preferences, current wardrobe, etc.) and use that profile to help find the right pieces for you.  We offer appointment hours, and free local delivery. We may also be able to special order items for you from our suppliers.


Just fill out the brief form below and we’ll follow up within 24 hours to set up an appointment.