Jackson & James started with two rivers, a brother and sister and a pair of boots. The rivers were the Jackson, in Covington, Virginia, where the brother spent the majority of his childhood, and the James, in Richmond, where the sister was born when the family moved there.

Mike and Rachel Anderson knew they wanted to start a business together, but they didn’t know what that was going to mean until Mike started looking for a new pair of boots. He couldn’t find what he wanted online or in stores in Richmond…or Virginia. The search  lasted for months. After trips to New York and Boston, Mike and Rachel realized this was the business.

This was Jackson & James.

They would start a store for guys looking for clothes with a little better design, a little higher quality and a lot closer to home.

Jackson & James is a men’s store with a focus on craftsmanship, the makers behind the clothing and accessories and the story that comes along with everything it sells.

So come by, catch some hoops, relax with a drink, and find some clothes you love.


Rachel, a VCU grad, honed her marketing chops in health and sports fields.

She always knew she wanted to start a business with Mike and was inspired to start something in her home city. When she’s not working at Jackson & James, you can find her at home with her dogs, Stella and Deuce. Rachel is in charge of branding, marketing, messaging and social media at Jackson & James.

 After graduating from UVA, Mike spent 20 years in the banking and finance industry; however, he’d always planned on starting a business in his hometown. A lover of good beer and hapless sports teams, Mike handles the business and operations side of Jackson & James.