Jackson & James is Your Destination for Denim - Jackson & James
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Jackson & James is Your Destination for Denim

We built Jackson & James on the foundation of a quality pair of jeans.

We’ve got lots of great apparel, accessories and gifts here at Jackson & James, but the foundation of our store is denim.

A great pair of jeans is the cornerstone of any wardrobe. With the right fit, you can get more wear from a pair of jeans than you realize, and with proper care they’re an investment that will last you for years.

We stock over 20 varieties, with 10 cuts, from some of the best names in men’s clothing. We currently carry Kato, Railcar Fine Goods, Raleigh Denim, Taylor Stitch, and Tellason; all of which are handmade in the United States, using either Japanese or White Oak denim.

There’s no substitute for trying on jeans in person, feeling the different fabrics, and getting feedback from knowledgable folks. We’re here to answer your questions on care, fit, and styling, so when you’re ready to invest in your next piece of denim, please come by the store! Whether you’re looking for raw, washed, rinsed, or stretch denim, we’re confident we can help guide you to the perfect pair of jeans.

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