Jackson & James | Corridor and Relwen now at Jackson & James
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Corridor and Relwen now at Jackson & James

Corridor and Relwen are now available at Jackson & James.  We’re psyched to share them with Richmond, and we’re confident you’ll become fans like we are.  These two brands reflect the “buy better, buy less often” ethos to which we subscribe. Both provide updated classics with great craftsmanship and thoughtful details.

Based in NYC and founded in 2013, Corridor makes New American Sportswear that “melds Northeastern prep with New York City’s modern sensibility.” Fit, quality and character are Corridor’s core principles and they are obvious in every piece we’ve selected this fall.

My personal favorite is the Indigo Herringbone Red Dot Long Sleeve Shirt pictured below. It’s an indigo-dyed herringbone, garment dyed to increase the contrast in the chevron pattern. The shirt is discharge printed with crimson red dots that pair beautifully with the natural indigo.

Relwen creates pieces that are high in function, quality and character. The detailsand construction are impressive and you’ll come to appreciate them even more over years of faithful use. A brand truly the product of American working heritage, Relwen was founded in 2007 and is based in Ohio.

The Relwen Quilted Tanker in navy is my favorite piece of the fall from Relwen. It’s a perfect weight, water resistant and easy to dress up or down. Here in Richmond, it could be the jacket that gets you through 95% of our fall and winter days and nights.

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