Your New Favorite Jeans

Your New Favorite Jeans

Denim at Jackson & James

We love denim here at Jackson & James. A few great pairs of jeans are the foundation of any wardrobe and an easy way to help you express your personal style. At any given time we have more than 20 styles on hand for you to choose from. We carry denim from C.O.F. Studio, Freenote Cloth, Kato, Naked and Famous, Raleigh Denim and Tellason. One way to really personalize that style element is to incorporate raw denim into your rotation. 


A few words about raw denim

If you’re new to raw denim and have questions, we’re here to help. The good news: it’s not as complicated or daunting as you may have been led to believe. The beauty of raw denim is that your jeans will be unique to you based on how you wear them. If you’re afraid that raw denim is uncomfortable, we have a variety of weights (some as light as 10.5 oz) and many styles incorporate stretch to increase the comfort. Raw denim will also last longer and it uses far less water to produce than jeans that have been distressed. 

A solid investment

When your jeans fit well, you will wear them more often. If you buy high quality denim and take care of them, they will last you for years. And there’s still no substitute for trying jeans on in person and getting feedback from knowledgeable folks who can answer your questions and help you get the right fit and style.  We’re also happy to share tips on care, alterations, etc. So come by the store or hit us up online and let us help you find your new favorite pair of jeans!