Women's at Jackson & James

Women's at Jackson & James

Adding Women's to Jackson & James

When we started Jackson & James we were focused on sharing brands with Richmond that we were excited about.  We wanted to be a place you could find men's clothing and accessories that were enduring--both from a quality and a style perspective. Over the past two years we've refined our offering, gotten to know our brands better and had lots of conversations with all of you.  Based on what we've learned, we're thrilled to announce we are launching a women's shop within Jackson & James.

Expanding What You Already Know

We hoped having smaller, unique, high-quality items in a relaxed atmosphere in Scott's Addition would be a nice alternative for guys to online shopping, big box stores and driving out to Short Pump. What we heard from many of our female customers was that they appreciated the aesthetic and the stories behind our brands as well. Given that many of our favorite brands have women's apparel as well, we've decided to begin adding women's clothing and accessories over the course of 2019.

What You Can Expect

Look for many of the same brands from our men's side of the store and a similar sensibility.  Our focus is on great basics, wardrobe staples and, of course, denim.  Given how far ahead in time we have to place orders, we aren't starting at Day 1 with the women's offering that we envision having a year from now--you will see us continue to add more and more pieces every month.  This will also allow us to incorporate feedback from all of you as we grow our women's store

By the way, this doesn't mean we're pulling back on the men's side of the store at all.  We've got plenty of space in the shop to expand, and this will hopefully allow us to roll out more products across both departments. Thanks for being with us on the journey so far, we very much appreciate your support.

Mike + Rachel