New to Jackson & James: Fall 2019

New to Jackson & James: Fall 2019

We try to keep our offering here at the store fresh, adding new brands based on your feedback and what's catching our eye. The common criteria for adding new partners is always the same: the right mix of style, value and character that reflects what we aspire for the Jackson & James brand to be.

This fall we've added two new names on the men's side. Long-time favorites from afar, Naked and Famous Denim and the classic British apparel company, Peregrine UK.

Naked and Famous

Naked and Famous describes themselves as follows:

We are not a normal denim company and we never will be.

Instead of relying on celebrity endorsements and expensive ad campaigns, we devote all of our resources to sourcing the world’s best fabric and turning it into awesome jeans. No advertising, no washes, no pre-distressing, no nonsense. Just excellent denim at a reasonable price.

We travel to Japan multiple times a year to find new fabrics, working with denim mills to develop crazy things like glow-in-the-dark denim, cashmere blends, raspberry scratch-n-sniff, reflective denim, rainbow-fade denim and so much more.

All of our products are proudly cut, made and sewn in Canada. Always have been, always will be.

We can add that they're some of the nicest, humblest folks that we've met in the industry and the kind of partners we look forward to working with. We've got several styles of denim in store now, with much more to come in 2020.

Peregrine Clothing

Peregrine has been manufacturing 100% British clothing for 220 years. They understand what makes a piece a "classic" and they also understand how to update those classics through colorways, structure and details to keep them fresh and contemporary.

Peregrine is also extremely committed to responsible manufacturing, traceability and ethical treatment of the animals that supply their materials. You can read more about those principles here.

We've got several jackets and sweaters in store now, with more on the way. Here's one of our favorites, the Peregrine Bexley Black.

There's loads more new to the store as well, including an expanded gifts and section, more styles of Red Wings and tons of accessories. Come by and check it out!